Tai Chi

Today, we attended a Tai Chi lesson as part of our Inquiry into health and wellbeing. We were really excited for what was in store for us because no one in our class knew what Tai Chi was. When we arrived at the ‘big hall’ we sat down on the floor and listened to Muan Lim who was our Tai Chi instructor. Some of us noticed that he was wearing a dark blue silky top that had the Ying and Yang symbol. He also wore black pants and black comfortable looking shoes.

Muan Lim started with a little information about himself and where he originated. Then he spoke about the history of Tai Chi. We learnt that Tai Chi used to be all about fighting, but these days it is about calming and relaxing your body. Our class found out that Tay Chi is a form of moving meditation because it centers your mind on one thing and allows you to forget about your worries.

Tai Chi is something that can benefit your health in many ways. It helps you because it allows you to get better mental and spiritual health when you meditate.

We had a great time and we were lucky to have experienced doing Tai Chi with a professional.
Written by A and Sarah

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Personal Training Session

On the 20th of November the grade 5/6s had an incursion as part of our Health Inquiry. A personal trainer named Jose came into our school and taught us about all the different ways to stay healthy. Jose also told us about what foods we should eat as well as drinks.

We all became “Doctors of Health”: there was Dr Quiet, Dr Movement, Dr Happiness and Dr Diet. We then had to prescribe health medicines to make us feel better. E.g. Dr. Quiet would prescribe no electronics before going to bed.

We then went outside and did some “Zuu Chimps” exercises. When we got outside we all got into a big circle and did 20 frog squats. After that we ran to the goal posts and had to do bear crawls and they really hurt! After that we did more frog squats and other animal movements. It was awesome.

By Luke and Nathan

Personal Training Session on PhotoPeach

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Christian Meditation

Today, 5/6 A went to a lesson on meditation in the small hall. A women called Mirella ran the session and she is the coordinator of the Christen Meditation Community. We talked about how we can find our soul and our spirit and we also learnt the about the Four Ss, they are Stillness, Sacred Word, Simplicity and Silence. First we did some exercises to help us to be still and silent. We had to follow a Labyrinth with some music in the background to help us be still and silent. Next we learnt about an exercise that uses our hands and arms to relax. After that we did the exercises we wanted to for our meditation. When we were ready we sat down and closed our eyes. During the minute of meditation, we said a word, which was “Maranatha”. It was a really good session and it will help a lot with our inquiry this term!!!
By Charlie

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Salesian Kid Program 2013

On Friday, all of the year five boys and girls went to Salesian College in Chadstone. Salesian College is an all-boys Secondary School. When we arrived we were greeted by two year nine boys, their names were Josh and Nathan. At Salesian we did three different rotations. In Sport the boys played a game of Basketball and the girls played a game of Kickball. When we visited the art room and made plasticine monsters. All of the monsters we made were awesome and each one seemed to have there own message or personality. Our last activity was Science, we got to look in microscopes and guess what was under them. We also got to use different tools to measure coloured water and coloured sugar. Overall we think everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed going to Salesian College today. We hope next year’s year fives have a great time like we did.

By Oscar and Isabella

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Remembrance Day Art

As mentioned in the previous post, we created some poppy art after learning about Remembrance Day.  We used charcoal and oil pastels to complete this piece of work and had a lot of fun doing it.  We think they look fantastic! 🙂

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day (the 11th of November) marks the anniversary of the end of the First World War.  At 11am today (11th of the 11th) our school observed a 1 minute silence to remember those who have died or suffered in wars and conflicts.

In class we have been learning about the connection between poppies, war and Remembrance.  We learnt that poppies brought hope, colour and life to a dark and unhappy place for the soldiers during the war.

We also read the poem “In Flander’s Fields” by John McCrae.  We thought the poem was really sad but it also made us feel thankful for the freedom we have today.


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The Chicken Experts Week 6

On Monday the 2nd of September Sarah, Josh and Miss K went to “The Chicken Experts” for our last session. We were exited but sad because this was our last week. We couldn’t wait!

When we got there we found out that we were early so we waited. We started of by covering the questions from the last 2 weeks (marketing and advertising or budget) with Carrie. Carrie was as always very open and responded well to all our questions

After that we talked how we were going to run our big inquiry expo. We decided to make order for some chips to advertise their business. We also showed them the website we made for them which is now up and running on the internet. They loved it!

After having a great talk about our big inquiry expo we each enjoyed a box of delicious chips. They were yum! Once we had finished up we had to say our last goodbyes. We were both really upset.

Overall we had a great time going to their business and we would to do it again. We would thank Miss K for taking us to the business and Carrie for talking to us.

By Sarah and Josh

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Recount Activity

We are starting to write recounts in class. A recount involves someone giving an account of an event or experience. Watch the video clip “Pigeon Impossible” and write a recount either from the point of view of the Agent, Pigeon or passerby. Below is the structure of a recount,  the text written in italics is a guide to help you in your writing about this clip.

Orientation: which provides the reader with background information. e.g. who, what, when, where, why.  You might like to explain how your day started off and describe your thoughts, feelings, observations.

Body: Write about the events in the order that they happened.  Describe the exciting events from your point of view. Remembering that what may be fun for you could be a disaster for others.

Conclusion:  A closing statement that sums up the main points.  A reflection or personal comment can be added to the end.  How did the story play out? Describe the details of how the excitement came to an end and the effect this has on you and others.

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Our Fifth Session at the Commonwealth Bank

On Monday 26th August, we (Matthew, Matilda, Benjamin and Cassandra) went to the Commonwealth Bank for our fifth session. When we arrived at the bank, Carmen took us upstairs to the tearoom, where we sat down to discuss about how and where the Commonwealth Bank advertises. The information that Carmen provided us with was very interesting since we never knew a few of the things she told us about.

After we finished discussing about the Bank’s advertising and marketing, Carmen left the room for a few minutes in order to bring some equipment that we could use to do a mini activity based on money. The activity we did was very fun but was a little tricky to do since we had to try and guess the value of the coins in each of the packets. When we came up with an answer, only one of us got it right, but the rest of us were very close to the correct answer.

Then, once we finished with our money activity, Carmen collected the packets that the coins were kept in, and told us to follow her downstairs since she wanted to show us something. Once we were downstairs, Carmen told us to wait nearby the counter, while she went behind the counter to show us something that involved with coins.

After Carmen went behind the counter, she warned us that what she was about to do with the money was going to be quite loud, so after we were prepared to watch her put the coins in a machine (where bankers would put money in if someone wanted to deposit some money), she emptied all the coins into the machine, and it sounded pretty loud, but wasn’t too loud that we had to cover our ears.

Once Carmen was finished doing that, she came back out again, then talked to us about some ideas that we could use for the learning expo. Then after that, we thanked her (Carmen) for her time, then went back to school.

Thank you Miss K for taking us to the bank once again for our fifth session. We really appreciate your help, and also had a lot of fun at the bank!

By Matthew, Matilda, Benjamin and Cassandra

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Australia Post Week 4

This week we were really excited about going to Australia Post because this time we weren’t going at 11:30am, we went at 9:10am. This week we were learning about Budgeting which was really exciting. We found out that most of their money goes toward profit and retail like toys, lollies and drawing books.

David told us that sometimes they reduce the amount of items because they aren’t popular enough and this really interested us that we wanted to learn more. We got a great amount of information from our questions and that is what we really needed this week after not getting as much last week.

David said that some of their budget goes towards toys like the Peter Rabbit Classic Collection (as pictured) and if you look close enough, you will be able to see the words “Australia Post” on the top of the box. This was strange but cool because only the Australia Post could sell thisparticular item.

Overall, we all agreed that this week was a great week for information!

By Alice, Joseph, Sabrina and Samir.


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